You are currently viewing ¡Viva México! – or – how Flamingo came to be

¡Viva México! – or – how Flamingo came to be

¡Viva México! – or – how Flamingo came to be

A bit more than a year ago I travelled to Mexico, Puerto Escondido to visit a friend from San Francisco. Shortly after arriving, Tyler joined the group from Los Angeles. The days were filled with mojitos, tacos, laughter, salsa dancing and trips to the ocean. Every time returning to our base at the heart of La Punta.

Tyler Lydell Image Laughing Mexico Puerto Escondido Matilda Eyre Image Smiling Mexico Puerto Escondido

Tyler and I both stayed at the same hotel, and soon enough we started talking music and declared:

“We will write a happy song together.”

Coming back to the hotel after having danced salsa all night, I saw a light in Tylers room and we continued writing until the early morning hours.
This was the beautiful view from the hotel room, in which Flamingo started to take shape over the next few days.

I’m really proud to be able to share this track with you now:

Flamingo Artwork LP Style Design

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